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September 02nd 2014


anime so sad you can’t read the subtitles through your tears

September 02nd 2014


Andrew Sullivan on why friendship is a greater gift than romantic love – such a beautiful and important read.

September 02nd 2014


U kno what’s harder than being a nerotypical parent raising an autistic kid???? Being an autistic kid who’s been conditioned to believe you are a burden to your entire family

September 02nd 2014

"Painkiller Jane," Woman-Directed Bisexual Woman Superhero Movie, Announced While Marvel and DC Twiddle Thumbs »

September 02nd 2014

So I started reading Gash Bell and I freaking love it!!

Thanks somewhereflying :)

September 02nd 2014


some nerds

September 01st 2014



It’s 2 AM and this is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. Tears are streaming down my face. 

Who thought this would be a good mashup? And why?

this is terrific you nerds

September 01st 2014


god i fucking hate all the posts that are like “pansexuals and asexuals make the best friends because pans flirt with everyone and aces help keep them in check” like wow those are such disgusting stereotypes please get them away from me. not all pansexuals are all incredibly flirty people who dont know how to keep it in their pants, and not all asexuals are frigid prudes who are devoid of pick-up lines.

September 01st 2014

Sept. 1 3:42 pm


September 01st 2014


“Victims of horrific abuse are often protective of their abusers, it doesn’t mean we should send them back for seconds.”

Sherlock barely looks up while saying this, and when he does, fails to make eye contact with the people he is addressing. 

The camera lingers on Joan for a moment afterwards. She’s looking at Holmes sideways, without making it obvious.